Plantation Shutters are the latest in interior design solution for window coverings and offer versatility that curtains just can’t match. They give clean lines and really help to make the most of the light in a room by allowing the light to filter in.  Curtains can flatten a room and make it feel darker and smaller. Shutters are really easy to care for, just a simple wipe over and that is it. They don’t attract and hold the dust which makes them an ideal choice for asthma and allergy sufferers. They are timeless, you can change your decor and redecorate without having to change your window covering.  Curtains of course are a great window covering if they suit your needs at the time.

Shutters have adjustable louvres on the doors which can be adjusted up or down using the tilt rod. This means you can have maximum privacy from neighbours and passers by without sacrificing any light. Curtains have to open or closed and that’s that.  Also when you’re watching tv and the sunlight streams into the room making a glare across the screen you can tilt the louvres as required just to eliminate where the sun comes in without having to draw the curtains.

I’m often asked if shutters make a room dark, plain and simple answer is no.  Hopes this helps and any questions will be honestly answered.