1) Consider the level of privacy you need. Venetian blinds work really well as you can let in plenty of light but keep out prying eyes. Sheer fabrics also offer the same benefits in the day time.

2) What is the room used for? Watching television, using a computer, cooking or children playing? These all have an impact on how much light you want to come into the room or whether you need a window treatment that works well in certain conditions.

3) Are you looking for visual appeal or function?  Do you want to make a feature of your window dressing? An attractive Roman blind or stylish Shutters will enhance your room. Maybe you have a view you want to make the most of and, therefore, prefer a simple treatment like a Roller blind that rolls neatly out of the way.

4) Do you have a lovely window with maybe period features you want to show off? When you have lovely feature windows, it’s often better to accentuate rather than dominate. Simple Roller blinds or neat Pleated blinds fit inside the frame to maximise the space and with clever use of translucent fabrics, the design of the window itself is clearly visible whilst maintaining privacy inside the room.

5) Have you got an unusual shaped window? You may have a lovely big bay in your living room, a large apex window or a beautiful, but unusual shaped window in a kitchen or loft extension. Shape and size will have a bearing on which treatment works best. Pleated blinds can be made to fit almost any shape and come with special insulating properties which also make them perfect for north-facing windows, as well as a popular choice for conservatories and glass extensions. Shaped wooden or metal venetians are available for unusual shaped or apex windows or a simple Vertical blind can work with a curved or sloping window. 

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