Kingston Shutters

Lightweight Environmentally Friendly Timber

The Kingston Shutter is made in a very light, grainy timber offering a superb character look stained and paint finished. It’s is ideal on very wide openings where tracking is not desired. It is also used for conservatory roof shutters. It’s our most eco timber as its grown to full height in only 8 years and harvested like wheat. It is grown to make shutters.

 In our modern world green issues are at the top of the agenda, these shutters help to reduce your carbon footprint better than any other shutter in our range. If the environment is important to you this is the shutter for you!

Main benefits:

  • Very light, ideal for conservatory roof shutters and large openings where tracking is not desired
  • Very real character and rich colours when stained
  • When paint finished has good texture
  • Our most environmentally friendly shutter
“Absolutely brilliant love my plantation shutters so much the whole house has been fitted with them not a curtain in sight! The service from Bill & Trish was second to none, such a pleasure to have them in our home which was as clean and tidy when they left as when they arrived. Simply excellent service with an excellent product fitted. Thank you.”
Mrs S, Nr Conwy