Top 5 Tips for Choosing Blinds

Enhance your home interior with the right blinds and express your individuality with a practical and aesthetically pleasing solution. I’ve put this together based on the most frequently asked questions we receive from customers who are trying to decide what is best for their space to try and help you decide what’s best for you based on your all these considerations.

Things to consider are:


Consider whether you need block out light, whether it’s streetlights at night or the morning sun. Maybe you work nights and need to sleep in the day. In this case you might want to consider blackout blinds, venetians or shutters. If you have neighbours close by or just nosy ones you might want to consider vertical blinds, venetians or shutters which can be adjusted and tilted to your needs to keep out any prying eyes.

The Space

Consider the space your wanting blinds in. Is it an area of high humidity, such as a bathroom, kitchen or utility? In this case think about fauxwood venetians or fauxwood shutters which are impervious to moisture. If it’s a bedroom you might want a softer look with Roman blinds. If your worried about the damage to furniture from the harsh rays of the sun you may want to consider verticals, rollers or romans made from fabrics with special sun reflective qualities or fauxwood venetians or shutters.


How do you use the window or door? Is it opened frequently and do you want to have to pull the blind up and down all the time or want complete window coverage most of the time? Roller blinds, verticals, venetians and shutters can usually be fitted into the recess of your window and cover the window. Rollers can be raised with a limited amount hanging down; venetians can be raised and will stack, how much depends on the drop, the higher the drop the deeper the stack will be. Shutters can be fitted in many ways to suit your needs, depending on the size of the window the options are: tier on tier shutters they are divided into top and bottom tiers; cafe style shutters where they cover the bottom half of the window or standard shutters which can be folded back against your window. If it’s a door consider whether it is used regularly and how big the doors are, not all blinds are suited to large patio doors the most popular solutions are verticals which can be drawn to either side or split; or shutters and bi fold shutters which can be fitted to open in many different ways depending on the where they are to be installed.


Think about the existing decor in your room and what will compliment it. Do you want something vibrant and colourful, subtle or contemporary? There are many different fabric choices and colours to choose from so you can easily find something that fits in with your interior and compliment your as do shutters which are a high end solution that will fit in with any decor and don’t need replacing when you re-decorate.


This is a major consideration for many of us. Bear in mind how many years you expect to get out of your investment and how often you are likely to change your decor. Decide on your budget and what you can get for your money. Choosing neutral colours that will go with anything make a safe bet and you don’t have to worry about what will go with new decor in the future. Remember what function you want from your blinds and how much you want them to enhance and compliment your room. If you choose right, your investment in quality blinds will be well worth it. You do after all get what you pay for so use a company that you feel comfortable with and offer you advise and don’t hound you from the minute you put the phone down. Check testimonials and feedback from other customers and go with someone you feel comfortable with.