Interior Plantation Shutters are the latest on-trend window treatment and are very popular in The South.  As with all trends they migrate and in North Wales, The Wirral and Cheshire this is exactly what is happening.  As shutters originted in warmer climates to keep rooms cool yet still allow in the daylight, people began to see the benefits they would bring to their own homes and thus the demand was born.

Great for privacy control, you can just tilt the louvres at the right angle to suit your privacy requirements, you can see out but people can’t see in.  As I mentioned before they still allow plenty of light through and are really easy to keep clean, no taking them down to wash or take to the dry-cleaners, just wipe them down.  The other thing is that they really do look fantastic!

We have fitted shutters on The Wirralin Tarporley, Tarvin, Warrington, Prestatyn, Rhyl etc, in Terraced Cottages, Victorian Houses, Modern Houses, etc.  They just look great pretty much anywhere.